Meet the Real people from the world of Photography : Interview Shibu Nair

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography this week we are featuring Shibu Nair


We are featuring people who are hobbyist or professionals photographers and we think they are worth sharing of Delhi Photography Club Fan page .

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Shibu Nair   | Wildlife Photographer |  RIGO (


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1. How you started your photography

I was born in Valparai a famous hill station in Tamilnadu and brought up in coimbatore by my grand parents and when ever I have holidays  my parents use to take me to Valparai where u can see lots of wildlife and after few years I felt like what ever i am seeing i wanted to record it and the medium is photography and at that time I was not in a position to get a camera and after my studies saved money to get a camera and mean time I was shooting all around wildlife , people , nature , machinery , product etc and after years getting in to photography i have  started a company along with my partner Mr.Satish Bojan , which is


A one – Stop Full spectrum photography Company called RIGO


2. What is the role of new technology and medium in photography.

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Technological improvement gives us like high ISO cameras , Higher megapixel cameras ,  drones to 360 degree  cameras which supports in all aspects of photography  and  supporting elements like photoshop , light room and other software getting better every day  to give us the most benefits . in Future , new technologies that will gives the  photographers more power and options to create what they want



3. Anything specific that you want to share with people.

The field of photography has no end. You can bring to live any moment, whether on earth, air or underwater by capturing exquisite images. If you have the knowledge, skills and eyes for creativity you can endeavour.



4. What gives you motivation to go out and click despite having busy schedule and on going medical conditions .

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My passion becomes profession to start a company


A one – Stop Full spectrum photography Company and it motivates me.



About Shibu Nair

Shibu Nair is a Nature and wildlife photographer who photograph the wilderness and its rich wildlife culture. With a deep respect and understanding towards wildlife and Tourism. His passion towards Photography now turn in to a profession who guide and teaches photography


He never want to be someone who takes predictable, boring photographs, he always look to create timeless images , live photographs which will be having a story behind it.

His photographic safaris allow the co- traveller to not only enhance their understanding of photography but to develop a life-long admiration for wildlife and its culture.


Equipment and Gear: 

Camera Bodies :

Canon 1DX , Canon 1D mark 4 , Canon 5 D mark III, Canon 70 D

Lens :

Canon 400 f2.8 IS , Canon 70 200  2.8 IS II , Canon 24 105 F4, Canon  10-22mm f/3.5-4.5


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