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DPC Announces Photo Bus to Kila Raipur (Rural Olympics)


Each year in February , Ludhiana becomes the destination for hundreds of sports enthusiasts, including foreigners flocking Kila Raipur to see the special breed of bullocks, camels, dogs, mules and other animals competing in highly professional events.

In 1946, Mr. Bakhsish Singh was instrumental in getting the most popular event of the Games – the Bullock Cart Race – introduced and in later years many more added.


It is to be seen to be believed, so here is the detailed itinerary of Kila Raipur. 

Date of Journey: 2nd Feb, Friday

Timings: At 10.00 pm leave Delhi for Ludhiana(pls be there 15mins prior to departure)

Meeting Place is at SDA Market opposite IIT Delhi.

Day I- 3rd Feb 

Saturday: Reach Ludhiana at around 7 am to 8 am (depending on fog).

Post Lunch: Again to Olympics site and capture all that it has to offer in the most mesmerizing sporting events.


Day II- 4th Feb

Sunday: Early Morning rush to the Olympics site according to the calendar of activities and activities of interest

Departure: Leave for Delhi at 6.00 pm and reach Delhi by mid-night.


Other Important Details:

Stay: will be on twin sharing basis at Hotel
Mode of travel: We will be travelling in an AC TEMPO traveller together.

What Gear to carry?

Can tag your camera, tripod, wide angle lenses and zoom lenses (depending on what your interest is). Comfortable shoes, shades and sunscreen, sweaters, batteries and memory card etc.  And needless to say – enthusiasm in abundance!

Meal:  Simple vegetarian meals will be provided by the club

The group will follow the itinerary mentioned above, however if one wants to visit places at one owns will, can visit accordingly on their own.

Expenses covered: Group transfers, Food, boarding and lodging

Fee: Rs. 7500 per person (Includes travel, food, lodging and entry tickets. Does not include tickets for camera and equipment if any)

For DPC members, the fee is Rs.6500 per person.

Please carry the rest of the amount with you (only cash) :) You can also pay the remaining amount at our club in Shahpur Jat Village.


Please note:

1. Registration fee is refundable if one drops out 7 days prior to this trip but transferable due to advance payment on accommodation reservations.

2. Registration fee is non-refundable as well as non-transferable, if one drops-out 3 days prior to this trip. 

3. In case the registration payment is not received, if you are not coming for the trip, please let us know as soon as possible because other photography enthusiasts will be getting the opportunity to go on this trip.

For clarifications and/or communication, please contact Virendra Singh  08826712162.


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DPC announces next Photo trip to Bhateshwar 16-17 Dec 2017

Bhateshwar ( Dist Morena- MP)

This is part of the travel series for those people who cannot spare 4-5 days to travel on our amazing DPC Photo Bus trips due to scarcity and unavailability of Time .

We read to know-2


Bhateshwar – Gwalior

This is part of the  travel series for those people who cannot spare more days to travel on our amazing DPC Photo Bus trips to Ladakh and Spiti  due to scarcity and unavailability of Time .

The DPC Photo Trip is basically a Idea to rejuvenate your photography and yourself with a day long trip which is full of information , Photography and gossips .

The Trip will give an opportunity to click places which are in close proximity to Delhi but they are worth Visiting .

Next in series is the Bhateshwar  (Dist Morena) , site of an archaeological site comprising about 200+ ancient shrines in Morena district, Madhya Pradesh.

Gwalior : one of the prominent locations in north india from point of view of History.

Bhateshwar: Truly Mystical! This is an archaeological site comprising about 200+ ancient shrines in Morena district, Madhya Pradesh. The shrines in Bateshwar complex are dedicated mostly to Shiva and a few to Vishnu. The temples are made of sandstone and were built around 300 years before Khajuraho temples were built!

Other Important Details

Date :  16 Dec -17 dec

Pick-up Point  : SDA Market , opp IIT Delhi main gate , Ring Road

Trip Time.         : 5.30 am on 16th Dec to  17th Dec 10.00 pm

Mode of travel: We will be travelling in AC TEMPO traveller together.

Gear: You can carry tripods and wide angle lenses for cameras. Any camera is good for this trip so long as it digital. For yourself, please carry comfortable shoes, take hats/caps, shades and sunscreen AND umbrella!

Fee (per person): Rs. 5500/- (including registration fee) for Members

Rs 5800 for Non Members

Fee includes travel & group transfers and meals

Does not include tickets for camera and equipment if any)

Please carry the amount with you (only cash) :), (please ignore if paid already)You can also pay the registration amount online or  at our club in Shahpur Jat Village.

Registration fee is non refundable and non transferable

Please carry your ID cards along, it helps.

For further clarifications feel free to call Virendra – 08826712162

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DPC announces fresh Batch for 6-Month Diploma in Photography

Next level photography Workshop

About the Course and who can join

The 6-months photography course is to develop and nurture the basic and advance understanding of photography to the enrolled participants, how a photograph is made rather then just a click.

The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 200+ workshops, 400+ photowalks, 65+ Photo Bus Trips, Over 20 Photography exhibitions and many tea talks.

The course will open and broaden ones mind to the world of photography. And to see the world in a different perspective. The course is mainly focused on street photography and studio techniques.

Street photography is very important and plays a vital role to a photographer. Its develops once mind and body to see to see and show LIFE and CULTURE of a place in a deeper meaning. Street photography not only develop the skill to take images on street but it helps in all kind of photography.

The course is developed in DPC with the experience of last 7 years in the field of photography, after meeting and talking with lots of professional, amateurs photographers and people from different walks of life and conducting more then 160 workshops, 100 photowalks, 60+ photo bus trips, 15 photo exhibitions and many tea talks with Senior mentors.

The 6-month course at DPC is seeking participants who wants to take photography as there profession. The minimum qualification for this course is 12+ PASS or equivalent course. Its an full time course.

Classes will be on weekdays 4 classes every week.


History of photography

Functions of the camera

What is exposure and its use

Difference of film and digital

Composition techniques and its importance

Masters work and how it is important in present photography


How to understand natural light

Techniques of Black and white photography

Techniques of Color Photography

Understanding street photography

Breaking the ice in street photography

In depth knowledge of street photography

Technique of using flash in indoor and out door

How to understand a good photography and selection of photos


Introduction to portrait photography

Lighting technique for portrait

Understand the  studio and its layout

Studio lighting

Portrait in studio

Behavior of flash in studio lighting

Process and develop RAW files

In depth understand of editing software

The difference of digital file and print

Printing photograph and its importance


Business and market of phorograhy

Developing portfolio


Also, wanted to tell you

  • Workshops are conducted in small batches in order to give individual attention
  • Workshops conducted on weekends
  • Experienced faculty to help you learn the basics and go Next Level

Requirements: Any DSLR camera

Batch size: Max 10

Workshop Fee:  Rs 80,000 Plus Taxes

Venue: Building No 5 D, Second Floor, ShahpurJat Village, New Delhi, India


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Meet the Real people from the world of Photography : Interview Pooja Rajput

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography this week we are featuring Pooja Rajput


We are featuring people who are hobbyist or professionals photographers and we think they are worth sharing of Delhi Photography Club Fan page .


The selection is purely at the Discretion of Founders and owners of Delhi Photography Club.

Pooja Rajput   | Travel Photographer and  Enthusiast  | Seasoned biker

“I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel.”


Pooja Rajput is a photographer and a seasoned biker, being an extreme adventure enthusiast my camera goes along on with me on my motorcycle. Clicking varied facets of life mainly comprising of aerial, travel, landscapes, portraits, and fashion is what I do. My style consists of colorful and energetic imagery.


The urge to satisfy ones artistic hunger its essential to create thus my photographic journey started with finding a visual medium in photography. I picked up photography as a hobby. Slowly the hobby turned into a passion which now has become an integral part of my life.


My achievements as a photographer includes honourable  mentions in the International Photography Awards 2015 & 2016, publications in worldwide photography magazines like Lonely Planet, Asian photography to name a few. My pictures have been displayed at the international exhibitions like Nicefoto : an international celebration of amateur photography.


I have also photographed for the Book “Navy in the 21 century “released by the Honourable President of India, the Maritime Heritage of India 2016 released by the Honourable Prime Minister and various publications in the International Fleet Review 2016.


In my opinion the new age comes with new responsibilities. This era of digital photography has made it very convenient for everyone to go and photograph in a way which is very welcoming and affordable but out of these only few qualify as true photographers and artists who have the vision and the technical know how and dedicate their time to the art. Like any art requires practice so does photography and one tends to get better with the right vision. Taking on constructive criticism about your work is a part of learning process and should be taken in the right stride. Not obtaining right feedback is the mistake what most newbie’s make. The harsher your mentor is the better you will get should always be kept in the mind. Learning photography is a continuous process and the day you feel you have learnt all about photography means your decline will start from their. One should always be open about gaining knowledge from fellow photographers and seniors.


My otherwise busy schedule and the nature of job keeps me occupied but the urge to create and bring home stories which otherwise were untold keeps me going. The biggest challenge which I face is visiting the same place or event and yet come back with different set of images. The challenge to create something different every time keeps me going. The feeling of creating something new gives me a sense of achievement and is soul satisfying.

Facebook /pooja.rajput.71

Twitter : poojarajput_

Instagram : poojarajput_creativeexplorer

Join our Delhi Photography Club  at  www.facebook.com/delhiphotographyclub

Send in your sample works at Virendra@delhiphotographyclub.com

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Meet the Real people from the world of Photography : Interview Shibu Nair

Meet the Real people from the world of Photography this week we are featuring Shibu Nair


We are featuring people who are hobbyist or professionals photographers and we think they are worth sharing of Delhi Photography Club Fan page .

The selection is purely at the Discretion of Founders and owners of Delhi Photography Club.

Shibu Nair   | Wildlife Photographer |  RIGO (www.rigoglobal.com)


Also please write few lines about

1. How you started your photography

I was born in Valparai a famous hill station in Tamilnadu and brought up in coimbatore by my grand parents and when ever I have holidays  my parents use to take me to Valparai where u can see lots of wildlife and after few years I felt like what ever i am seeing i wanted to record it and the medium is photography and at that time I was not in a position to get a camera and after my studies saved money to get a camera and mean time I was shooting all around wildlife , people , nature , machinery , product etc and after years getting in to photography i have  started a company along with my partner Mr.Satish Bojan , which is


A one – Stop Full spectrum photography Company called RIGO


2. What is the role of new technology and medium in photography.

Dhikala 2 copy

Technological improvement gives us like high ISO cameras , Higher megapixel cameras ,  drones to 360 degree  cameras which supports in all aspects of photography  and  supporting elements like photoshop , light room and other software getting better every day  to give us the most benefits . in Future , new technologies that will gives the  photographers more power and options to create what they want



3. Anything specific that you want to share with people.

The field of photography has no end. You can bring to live any moment, whether on earth, air or underwater by capturing exquisite images. If you have the knowledge, skills and eyes for creativity you can endeavour.



4. What gives you motivation to go out and click despite having busy schedule and on going medical conditions .

_90A0595 copy

My passion becomes profession to start a company


A one – Stop Full spectrum photography Company and it motivates me.



About Shibu Nair

Shibu Nair is a Nature and wildlife photographer who photograph the wilderness and its rich wildlife culture. With a deep respect and understanding towards wildlife and Tourism. His passion towards Photography now turn in to a profession who guide and teaches photography


He never want to be someone who takes predictable, boring photographs, he always look to create timeless images , live photographs which will be having a story behind it.

His photographic safaris allow the co- traveller to not only enhance their understanding of photography but to develop a life-long admiration for wildlife and its culture.


Equipment and Gear: 

Camera Bodies :

Canon 1DX , Canon 1D mark 4 , Canon 5 D mark III, Canon 70 D

Lens :

Canon 400 f2.8 IS , Canon 70 200  2.8 IS II , Canon 24 105 F4, Canon  10-22mm f/3.5-4.5


To know more and follow :

Mentor @ https://www.facebook.com/shibunairp/

Expert @ https://www.pixlent.com

Join our Delhi Photography Club  at  www.facebook.com/delhiphotographyclub

Send in your sample works at Virendra@delhiphotographyclub.com

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DPC announces fresh batch of Travel Photography from 21st Oct


DPC organizes 3 month long Travel Photography course, exclusively designed for those who want to use photography as an alternative source of earning and excel in the domain of traveling.

Here is the solution to brush-up your skill- set and to reach bigger audience.This photography workshop is unique in many ways
Designed with thorough understanding of Travel Photography
Understanding the use of various light sources and optimizing their usage.
Combination of indoor and outdoor shoots for hands on experience
Small group to ensure individual attention to each participant
Understanding the various concepts of photo editing on lightroom
Mix of travel photography and marketing fundamentals
Certificate of participationWorkshop Outline

From early origins to today’s innovations and opportunities
Learning the Equipment
Aperture, shutter, exposure, focus
Composition, lighting, color, filters
Types of travel photography
Editing: Post processing and image enhancing software
How to plan and prepare for a photography assignment
Building and keeping an audience online by mastering social media
How to capitalize on new media
SEO, and adsense to monetize your blog and pay for your travels
Living the dream

Next Workshop is on

Timings: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Requirements: Any DSLR
Batch size : Max 5
Venue : Building No# 5 D, Second Floor, Shahpur Jat Village, New Delhi, India
Fee : 45000 rupees (inclusive of all taxes) and loads of enthusiasm!

Block your seat by paying Rs. 3000. Click here, to pay online (Keep your credit/debit card ready.)

To pay via cheque, write to us at hi@delhiphotographyclub.com

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30 under 30, Be the India’s Coolest Young Photographers

E N T E R H E R E-2


DPC launching a brand new program to nurture new talents in the domain of Photography.

30 under 30 is a unique initiative to create pool of young and talented photographer from all walks of life .

Unique opportunity to meet senior photographers , get your work critiques and of course the super 30 will take you to places .

Last date for sending your resume and works 31st December 2017.

Please read the instructions carefully.

1. Entry is open to all individual professional photographer and amateur photographer of upto 30 years of age from India including NRI.

2. Definitions

1. Entrant: Person intending to participate in the show. For the purpose of simplification, entrant and the words -photographer, participant, are used interchangeably

2. Works: Defined as image(s) or photos submitted for consideration in the competition.

3. Complete Resume along with the 20 images should be sent to the mentioned email ID.

4. If the individual is not an adult (above 18 years of age), the resume must be supported by the guardian and the guardian must furnish his/her details wherever required.

5. Works can be monochrome, black and white or color. More than 20 images will not be considered for selection.

6. The selectors will look for particularly interesting way of presenting the picture. The images must solely be the work of entrant and the entrant must the copyright to exhibit these. DPC reserves the right to accept or refuse work submitted. No individual assessment of images will be made available and the decision of selectors will be final

7. Work/images exhibited earlier in other exhibitions is encouraged / any awards won must be mentioned.

8. Awards. 30 under 30 Certificates and cash rewards. The DPC appreciation letters , Recommendation letters  & Printed Certificates and online certificate will be given to final participants.

9. Copyright: If the image is selected by DPC , the entrant agrees and authorizes DPC  to create copies, hang or use on walls/internet, books or publication or in any document created by DPC  . In such usage, DPC  will give due credit to the participant. Entrant also agrees, that DPC may use selected/exhibited work to promote photography and/or the photographer at its discretion for a period of 3 years. Any commercial value if derived from the sale of photograph during the next 6 months will be passed on to the participant/photographer by DPC after deducting an administrative charge and due share. The photographer retains the rights to sell his work independently as well. Image(s) uploaded/submitted by Entrant must not infringe copyright or intellectual property of any third party. Entrant indemnifies DPC  and Prayatnsheel E-venture Foundation from any suit or claim by any third party regarding the copyright or intellectual property of the accepted image(s). All work submitted must be the sole work of the entrant. The copyright of all entries remains with the entrant/photographer.

12. Entry fees: There is no fee of any kind to enter the competition.

13. Please do not mark your images with any kind of water mark (your name, copyright sign etc). Any image containing any watermark will not be considered for the competition

14. Personal Data: By  submitting the resume, you agree that DPC or its affiliate organization or any sponsor may use this data to reach out to you to promote photography.

15. Warranties and representations: With respect to the images/entries submitted, you (the entrant) warrant and represent that:

1. You are the sole owner and author the image(s)

2. You have the sole right to enter the image(s)

3. The image submitted by you do not breach or compromise national security, are defamatory, derogatory towards a particular gender, religion, nation or community.

Please send your entries to   30under30@delhiphotographyclub.com