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Take an auto rickshaw from the Hauz Khas Metro Station for Shahpur Jat village (1.5 kms)

If coming by car , follow the map

DPC Lounge
Building No 5D, Dada Jungi House
Shahpur Jat, New Delhi



Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:00-19:00
Tuesday  : closed

Welcome Enthusiast !

We keep these things in mind before we interact with you. Please read it carefully.

When running this organisation which is largely intent (and not profit) driven, one tends to become condescending in one’s approach. Avoiding falling into this trap has been the cornerstone of DPC and we sure are doing a great job at that.
1-We always pick up the phone/read the mails in the inbox as well as on the FB page. and try to respond in committed time.
2-Remember, it is not customers that run our business, it is our passion. Passion first, customers follow. Each opportunity to interact with a probable customer gives us that moment of choice where we could either convert it into a memorable experience for them or do it the way everyone else probably must be doing. It is not surprising that people reach out to us on their own!! (because the feel of our brand is honest, humble and inclusive).
3-Even if we have to refuse someone, we have always done it politely.
4-If we have goofed up in something, we have apologised and in many cases, chased people and returned their money this helps in keeping the brand value intact.
Everybody had this choice (all big camera brands) to make this enterprise, we MADE it. Because we run it with PASSION. And a cumulative passion bundled with humility takes organisations far!!
DPC is about humility, grace, inclusiveness, acceptance and knowing that we may not know everything. Makes Sense