DPC announces next photo trip to Lucknow 17 & 18 Sep


DPC is going to Lucknow to explore the food and heritage

We are happy to announce our next DPC Photo Trip

Lucknow, for a 2 day- 3 nights trip. We are going by train(3 tier).

Keeping in mind our love for foodand photography, this trip will be a mix of Mughalai and Awadhi cuisine and Mughal architecture

About Lucknow

Avadh is claimed to be among the most ancient of Hindu states. According to popular legend, Ramchandra of Ayodhya, the hero of the Ramayana, gifted the territory of Lucknow to his devoted brother Lakshman after he had conquered Sri Lanka and completed his term of exile in the jungle. Therefore, people say that the original name of Lucknow was Lakshmanpur, popularly known as Lakhanpur or Lachmanpur.

The city of Ayodhya itself, forty miles away from Lakshmanpur, was reported to be full of great riches: “Its streets, well arranged, were refreshed with ceaseless streams of water ~ its walls, variously ornamented, resembled the checkered surface of a chess-board. It was filled with merchants, dramatists, elephants, horses and chariots. The cloud of fragrant incense darkened the sun at noonday: but the glowing radiance of the resplendent diamonds and jewels that adorned the persons of the ladies relieved the gloom!..” (Ramayana).

The ancient metropolis of Ayodhya was situated on the banks of the Ghagra, a river as wide as the Ganges at Chunar and its extensive ruins can still be seen. There is no record of when and how Ayodhya came to be deserted or allowed to decay :  the legend is that Rama ascended to heaven, carrying with him all the population of the place. So large had the city been that Lakshmanpur was described as its suburb!

We are going by train.

Travel Details

16th Sep (Friday)

Start from Delhi in a train at 11.00 pm on Friday.

Overnight journey

17th Sep (Sat)

Reach Lucknow at 8.30 am

Photographing Lucknow

Visiting Imambara & la Martenier

18th Sep (Sunday)

Photographing Local and Old city of Nababs

New Lucknow

Start from Lucknow at 11 pm

19th Sep (Monday)

Reach delhi at 8.00 am


For non-members:5800

For members: 5400

Fee includes, boarding, lodging, group transfers.

Registration Amount is non-transferable and non refundable if the participant cancels trip.

To register www.delhiphotographyclub.com/register


DPC Announces Heritage Photowalk Mehrauli Archaeological Park 20-21st august


The magnificent Mehrauli Archaeological Park, adjacent to the Qutb Minar Complex, hides more than eighty historical marvels housing monuments that date back to the time period of Prithviraj Chauhan.

The park compares with any archaeological site worldwide for its rich concentration of a diverse range of architectural heritage in a landscaped setting. The main attractions include the mosque and tomb of Jamali Kamali, a stepwell and residence of a British official.

The Jamali Kamali mosque was built in 1528 in honour of the Sufi saint Shaikh Hamid bin Fazlullah, also known as Dervish Shaikh Jamali Kamboh Dihlawi or Jalal Khan. The saint’s tomb built in 1536 upon his death is adjacent to the mosque.

Several attractions like Gateway of Balaban’s Tomb, ruins from Balab’n’s Era (Ruined Village), Metcalf’s Canopy, Boat House, Metcalf’s Bridge, Stable, Tomb with SandStone Jharokhas, Gatehouse, Walled Mosque, Sarai, Mughal Tomb, Rajon ki Baoli, Gandhak Ki Baoli etc. make the park a splendid place for the purpose of photography.

How to reach there:

Metro : Nearest station – Qutub

Auto/Cab : Ask to be dropped at Jamali Kamali ( near Lado Sarai ) and then come to Bhul bhulia near mehrauli Bus stand.

Please note, if you register and confirm that you will be attending and do not turn up, you have denied someone as enthusiastic as you a chance of the walk. Therefore please register and confirm only if you are reasonably certain to make it on the day. 🙂

2 days prior to the walk, we send out the confirmation mails.


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