DPC announces workshop on Post Processing 18th Nov

DPC announces fresh workshop on post processing in Lightroom by V J Sharma
Photography & Post-processing.
AGENDA – (Essentially Library and Develop of Lightroom)
– Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Pro.
– A Digital Dark-Room.
– Understanding why Lightroom is an important Software for a Photographer.
– How it is different from Adobe Photoshop.
– Lightroom Workflow for Photographers who go for various Photo-Shoots of different types.
– Workspace and Setup of Lightroom.
– Do Quality work by saving time – Better Organize your Photo-Shoots.
– Cataloging, Backup and Archiving.
– Basic tools and their use.
– Reading Histogram to decide further processing of Photographs.
– Understanding Editing in ‘Develop Module’ of Adobe Lightroom.
– Adjusting Image Color and Tone.
– Working in Grayscale.
– Retouching and correcting photographs.
– Basics of Correcting Lens Distortions and noise.
– Basics of Export and Slideshow creation.
– Creating Online portfolio.
Workshop fee.        : Rs 3000
For DPC members : Rs 2500
VJ Sharma –
A Software Engineer by the day and a blogger by the night, VJ tries to find photography related opportunities whenever he gets time during weekends or holidays. He hails from Himachal Pradesh, India and have been brought up amidst imposing natural beauty of the Himalayas. A desire to capture this beauty led to an interest in photography. He has since then honed his skills through a professional photography course and intense practice. Apart from Nature photography, he also dabbles in Architecture, Product, and Sports photography.
VJ loves practicing and discussing Digital photography and post processing.